miTT Wallet PUSH Documentation for Joomla

Setting up miTT Wallet Push

There are the following necessary steps to set up miTT Wallet PUSH:

  1. Joomla Backend
  2. Joomla Frontend
  3. Apple Developer Program
  4. Team ID
  5. Pass Type ID
  6. Signing Request
  7. signerCert.pem - signerKey.pem
  8. APN Certificate
  9. Authkey ID
  10. Upload Certificates and Data

miTT Wallet Push Joomla Backend

First, you have to set up the data, which is necessary to communication between servers.

miTT Wallet PUSH Joomla

Grab the subscription number und token from the dashboard.

Layout Wallet Pass

miTT Wallet PUSH Joomla

A full documentation, where the field will display you will find in the section of Generic Pass as follows: Apple Wallet Layout Documentation

Joomla Frontend

In the frontend, you need to integrate the Apple Wallet Pass button where the user has the option to add the pass. Here are the Apple Wallet Guidelines

which are to be observed. Please add the button the CSS class="mittpwa__ios__subscribe".
<img class="mittpwa__ios__subscribe" src="images/button-one-line-large_2x.png" alt="Apple Wallet Push" width="250px" height="auto" loading="lazy" data-path="local-images:/button-one-line-large_2x.png" />

You can download the button or image for the button from the Apple site. An example to integrate you find on the my sample page

Apple Developer Account

To continue, an Apple Developer Account is required to get all data.

At the dashboard you find at your subscription the following button to get an overview of needed data and certificates:

miTT Wallet PUSH Joomla

This form show, which data is needed.

miTT Wallet PUSH Joomla

The "Subscription Id" is prefilled.

Team Id

Your Team Id will you find on the top bar on the right site or on your Membership Detail Site at your Apple Developer Account.

Apple Team ID

Pass Type Id

1. Register a new Pass Type Id . Use the following format for it as in the description like and write it down.

Pass Type ID

2. Confirm the new identifier

3. Edit it, create certificate

Download Pass Type ID

Signing Request

Then you have to upload a Signing Request To do this, please follow these steps:
Apple Signing Request

If you don't have a Mac, then you could use the following service like

Then you could upload the Signing Request and finish to create the certificate. After creating, download the certificate from Apple Developer as pass.cer.

Download Pass Type ID

Certificate signerCert.pem - signerKey.pem

After downloading the certificate (pass.cer) open (import) it in Keychain Filter for Certificates and identify it. Right click on it and export your certificate as a .p12 file. Choose a password and write it down. You will get a PKSCS#12 file (.p12).

xport Keychain .p12

Open your Terminal, go to the exported Certificates.p12 and create the certificates "signerCert.pem" and "signerKey.pem" with the following terminal command. For signerKey.pem set the and write it down. After return you have to type your password you had set before.

 openssl pkcs12 -in Certificates.p12 -clcerts -nokeys -out signerCert.pem
 openssl pkcs12 -in Certificates.p12 -clcerts -nokeys -out signerKey.pem -passout pass:

APNs Certificate

Last step is to create iOS APNs Auth Key. Go to your Apple Developer Account Page again.

1. Choose Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

miTT Wallet PUSH Joomla

2. Select Keys

Choose Key

3. Register and Download it. After download it, it could be not re-download. Please ensure you have it on a safe place.

Register APN Key

Authkey ID

Register APN Key

Upload the certificates

Please save your Certificates on your Computer on a safe place. Please ensure, that the certificate are named as

  • authkey.p8
  • signerCert.pem
  • signerKey.pem

Then you could upload your certificates and data as mentioned before at the Dashboard and press the button "Add Apple Data"

miTT Wallet PUSH Joomla

Fill out the form.

miTT Wallet PUSH Joomla

If you have any questions, please contact me by E-Mail.

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