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Those who do things with passion will not talk about work.

Web developer and Joomla expert Robert Mittl

Future technologies on the web inspire me again and again. Therefore I like to try out new technologies without losing focus on the essentials. Daily training enables me to implement them effectively and to look ahead to the future.

Besides the development of individual websites, I am already active in larger projects with Javascript and PHP. Depending on the type and size of the project this can be in a team or as a solo web developer. As there is a trend towards Javascript, more and more projects I realize with it or implement frontend customizations. In Javascript it is important for me to write in the standard ES6.

Besides Javascript, CSS is one of my specialties to implement graphical solutions in a simple and lean way.

As a content management system Joomla is the first choice for me, as I can offer good solutions due to my long experience with it.

Through my reliable network partners in the area, graphics, text and programming, I offer services from one source and thus give my customers a certain backup from my side.

My aim is to give the customer the greatest possible added value for the developed digital product. Performance, clean and maintainable code, as well as clear design are absolutely important to me. Web design is not dead in my opinion, on the contrary: Avoiding more and more websites that look the same gives web designers and web developers new possibilities to use technologies and individual designs.

As a speaker at the JoomlaDays in Germany and in the Netherlands I am happy to share my experience and knowledge. My latest topics were discussing Progressive Web Apps, as well as an introduction to Javascript programming without a framework, which I have explained using an example. Since I see Progressive Web Apps not only as a trend, but also more and more used, I developed the plugin miTT PWA for Joomla, to be able to easily benefit from the advantages of a Progressive Web App and Joomla.

As co-founder and organizer of the Joomla User Group I am also active in the Joomla Community.

Due to my experience and acquired knowledge as a team leader in sales and project management in the print sector at the beginning of my professional career, it is easy for me to accompany a project from start to finish and to find the right approach for its implementation. This background has also strengthened my ability for flair and colour.

The best solutions and most creative ideas do not always emerge at the desk, that's why you can also find me doing sports in the great outdoors.