Web development and Consulting
Agency for web development, Progressive Web Apps and Joomla

As a web developer, I implement websites, web applications and progressive web apps (PWA) in a goal-oriented manner.

Consulting and Development

  • develops with passion individually for you tailored websites,
  • builds well thought-out web applications,
  • conceived with enthusiasm Progressive Web Apps (PWA),
  • which demonstrably lead to an increase in visitors.
  • optimizes Progressive Web Apps,
  • with native app functions

Fullstack Developer

  • is at home in the backend and frontend,
  • relies on modern technologies,
  • to create fast, user-friendly web applications,
  • which will also be found.


  • fast Server with green electricity,
  • do not worry about technical details,
  • so your Website as Joomla and Wordpress runs smoothly


  • are tailored to the needs and requirements,
  • can use the leading CMS System Joomla, be a Node.js application or a static page in HTML and Javascript.


  • Understanding your concern,
  • takes place according to the objectives of your project,
  • shows you possible solutions to stand out from the competition with individuality.


is the basis for a web project. I pay attention to semantics here, which will later be the basis for a search engine optimized and extensible website.


With CSS, websites get their beautiful appearance. With Cascading Style Sheets you format, align and design. I used modern CSS like CSS Grid and Flexbox, so that frameworks are usually superfluous here and the websites are user-friendly, high-performance and future-proof. This also includes responsive optimization, so that the websites are displayed in an optimized mobile way on smartphones and tablets.


has become one of the most important languages, because besides asynchronous queries, the website can be improved significantly. By using modern JavasScript technologies like EcmaScript (ES6), no jQuery is needed to achieve a perfect result. On the contrary, Vanilla Javascript is much more performant, as no library or framework is needed.


is the basis for most websites in the server-side programming language. Whether with or without framework, Symphony or Laravel, or as CMS Joomla. I rely on current PHP versions, as well as modern and purpose-oriented programming techniques.


is more and more used in professional software development, because only one language is needed for frontend and backend. With streaming and push-based data transfer, it also makes it easy to implement special requirements.

Depending on the type of project, the appropriate techniques are selected. Through my partners and my strong network I also implement larger projects.

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