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miTT PWA (Progressive Web App) in Joomla

Here questions about miTT PWA are collected to give a quick overview

How can I get an optimal performance with miTT PWA from my Joomla website?

The Cache First setting always provides the user with the version stored in the Service Worker Cache and therefore the fastest delivery of the content, if this page has already been called. The content is updated while the page is loaded and is updated when the page is viewed again.

Can I continue using Joomla Cache or JOT Cache?

The Service Worker Cache is independent of Joomla Cache or other Joomla Cache components such as JOT Cache. The Joomla Cache is stored on the server, the Service Worker Cache is stored in the browser.

Enter relative url at CDN in the static files in the miTT PWA?

When using a CDN Joomla plugin, for example like the CDN plugin from Regular Labs, the static paths should be entered by the server. Here you copy the complete paths from the head section and could be as follows: "". The setting for inline scripts in the CDN plugin itself must be disabled.

Can additional performance tools such as JCH Optimize be used?

The additional use of performance tools such as the plugin from JCH is possible, but it should be tested. It is planned to support performance tools in the future.

Which browsers are supported for push messages?

With the exception of Safari on MacOs and iOS, Push messages work on all newer browsers.


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