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miTT PWA (Progressive Web App) in Joomla

Here questions about miTT PWA are collected to give a quick overview

Why is miTT PWA for Joomla not available for free?

To ensure further development of the PWA and adaptation for newer Joomla and Wordpress versions, miTT PWA can unfortunately not be offered free of charge.

Can I continue to use the plugin after the subscription miTT PWA expires?

There are no restrictions on the function of the PWA after the subscription expires, but there is no support and no updates are available. Progressive Web Apps are being pushed by Google in particular and further development is being driven forward. It seems, Apple will improve the support of the Service Worker in future. Where possible, I try to implement useful features to the plugin.

What is a PWA and what does it mean?

It is an installable web app in which the service worker acts as a proxy. This means that all requests between the app and the server can be controlled and influenced. For example, content can be stored in the cache and retrieved again.

The browser recognises the web manifest and the Servicer Worker, which enables the website to be installed as an app.

I gave a talk at the Joomla developer conference "JandBeyond", which is available here. “JAB20 – Progressive Web App - Why should you use this technique, which possibilities do you have?”

Is it possible to publish the Joomla PWA to the App Store?

miTT PWA currently has no automation to launch the Joomla PWA into the App Store, but there are several possibilities. Publishing the PWA to the Google Play Store is much easier than launching a PWA to the App Store. The PWA Builder from Microsoft can help with the creation of App Packages.

For the Google Play Store I recommend to set to TWA (Trusted WEb Activity). The Bubblewrap tool, including documentation from Google, is helpful here.

At the JandBeyond (Joomla Conference) I talked about PWA and at Minute 30 about the App Store and the Google Play Store. Click here to go to the Video from the conference JandBeyond Progressive Web App (PWA) WHY 🤔 POSSIBILITIES 🧐?
Helpful links:
PWA Google Play Store
PWA to 3 App Stores
PWA to all Stores Video from Max Firtman

What is the difference between miTT PWA ONE Push and miTT PWA Fire Push?

miTT PWA Fire PUSH (Firebase):It was my First Push Notification plugin. You could send push messages from a Joomla Article. For subscribing you have a simple button, that you have to integrate into your template or as a Joomla module. miTT PWA Fire Push has one push messaging channel. Firebase does not have any limit to sending push messages out. It has no statistics for messaging, but this feature will come in the future. Firebase Cloud Messaging is free. You could not run the PWA without Firebase Settings.

miTT PWA ONE PUSH (One Signal):You create your Push Messages over the One Signal Platform. You have a Pop-Up in the browser (depends on your config in One Signal). This could be sometimes annoying for the user. You have more channels and a statistic. One Signal has different pricing packages. miTT PWA One Signal could run without set up the service One Signal.

miTT PWA FIRE Push is more integrated into Joomla and miTT PWA ONE PUSH is more separated.

The installation banner on Android is not displayed. How can I fix this?

This can have various causes such as an incorrect service worker or a faulty manifest. You can check the manifest for correctness in the Firefox or Chrome Browser Console. Please check if all required data to the plugin is filled in. If you do not find the error, please send me a message.

Which browsers are supported for Push Messages?

All newer browsers supports push messages. The Push API supports iOS, if the user has installed the PWA on the home screen at iOS 16.4 or higher. MacOS Safari is supported at 16.1 or higher. A installation is not needed. At caniuse.com there is an overview of the browser support.

How can I fix the error message in the Browser Console "Max Allowed Scope".

Please clarify which type of server is used to output the website. Then check whether the necessary settings are already available or complete them.

Apache Server:
Make sure that Sef Rewrite is set to 1 in Joomla. Then check whether the lines are present in the .htaccess file. If not, add them.

 <Files "(serviceworker\.js|OneSignalSDKUpdaterWorker\.js|OneSignalSDKWorker\.js)"> 
      Header Set Service-Worker-allowed "/"

Nginx Server:
Here you have to manually add the following lines in the Nginx Config.

 location ~* /(serviceworker\.js|OneSignalSDKUpdaterWorker\.js|OneSignalSDKWorker\.js) {
        add_header 'Service-Worker-Allowed' '/';

How do I add static cache files to the Joomla PWA?

I have created two videos to explain the settings better. It is important to add the links "without" url as in the following example:
Video Static Files

How do I convert my Joomla website to an installable PWA or Web App?

After a successful installation of miTT PWA, follow the documentation. After a successful setup, you can enjoy all the benefits of a PWA.

Is a PWA only for Android devices?

The best compatibility is on Chrome browsers, as Google is constantly developing this technology and implementing new features. However, a PWA also works on MacOS, Windows, Linux and iOS. A PWA is possible and useful for desktop but also for mobile applications.

With which Joomla components or templates, WordPress plugins or themes can there be problems?

In principle, miTT PWA can run on any website. However, since the service worker only recognizes identical files, there may be difficulties with various components such as JCH Optimizer or WP Rocket. Here, new files are constantly generated in the Joomla cache, so the static cache cannot be used in this case. In theory, JCH or WP Rocket and miTT PWA can run, but without the advantage of the static cache of the PWA. I

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