Progressive Web App and Joomla at JoomlaDay in Vienna 2019

Joomla and Progressive Web App, one does not exclude the other

At the JoomlaDay I showed how to make a Joomla website available offline and create a Progressive Web App out of it, using a Joomla page. Not only the offline capability, but also fast loading times characterize a Progressive Web App (PWA) among other things. Therefore I recommend to make every website available as a Progressive Web App. My Joomla PWA Plugin miTT PWA, a PWA, i.e. installable app, can be quickly set up on any Joomla site.

The lecture "Show me your Offline Page (PWA)" shows among others the following topics:

  • Registration of a service worker
  • Versioning of the service worker or cache
  • Serviceworker Lifecycle (registration, download, installation, waiting and activation)
  • Handling cache storage
  • loading contents and files from the cache
  • display an offline page
  • Testing the Progressive Web App with Lighthouse
  • select the contents for the cache
  • Clean up cache, limit items, images, web pages (page contents)
  • Progressive Web App Manifest
  • Push Notifications

To the --> Slides about Progressiven Web App

Zum --> Video(PWA) from JoomlaDay in Vienna

Joomla to App

As a ready-to-use Joomla extension, miTT PWA offers all the necessary to create aJoomla App .

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