11 tips to increase the availability of your website

With high-performance and easily accessible websites you can score points with your visitors even in extraordinary times like Covid-19.

How can the availability of the website be increased?

  • avoid overloading the server, as this has a negative effect on performance
  • reduce unnecessary access from spambots
  • optimize images by compressing and delivering them in multiple sizes
  • prevent unnecessary requests
  • load only the scripts and fonts you need
  • use image formats like WebP
  • rely on native lazy-loading of images
  • use techniques such as CDN and Service Worker to quickly output static content
  • cache you control certain content, images, scripts, fonts with the help of the Service Worker technology
  • display content with the Service Worker's technology even if the user has no or a poor Internet connection
  • provide an alternative offline page that displays, for example, a telephone number or opening hours or other important information

Through the Service Worker your website mutates to a PWA (Progressive Web App). This gives you further advantages and installation options.

If you use the CMS Joomla, you can use miTT PWA to turn your website into a PWA. Here you can enjoy caching and an offline page.

Do you have questions about optimizing your website?

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